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Sling NGT

New Generation Trainer

FlyTech is integrating solutions from top companies into our training to elevate your learning and achievement.

Sling NGT

New Generation Trainer


The Sling NGT (Next-Generation Trainer) is a two-place low-wing airframe with a bubble canopy. It is powered by a Rotax 912iS powerplant with full authority digital engine control. It cruises at 120 knots and can climb at nearly 1,000 feet per minute. The airplane is meant to be a modern trainer for aspiring airline pilots.

The Sling NGT has a premium all Garmin avionics suite.  This includes the G3X full primary flight display (10” touch PFD) with optional second MFD, G5 back up flight display, GTX45R ADS-B in and out transponder (including traffic and weather), paired with a GTN 650 Xi GPS / NAV / COMM / MFD navigator and Autopilot with GMC507 control panel completing the line-up.  So advanced is this set up, that the FAA has deemed the Sling NGT as a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA).

The FAA recently changed the Commercial Pilot requirement for 10 hours of ‘complex’ time to include training in a TAA. The FAA understands that managing systems (whether it be a landing gear control or a complex avionics system with an autopilot) teaches a pilot to cope with complexity that can be transferred to other complex airplane systems. So, since the Sling NGT is a TAA, a student can now receive all training from ab-initio through PPL and on take the Commercial Pilot check ride in the Sling NGT.

  • Powerplant: Rotax 912iS, 100hp
  • Wingspan: 30ft
  • Length: 22ft
  • Height: 8ft
  • Cabin Width: 44in
  • Empty Weight: 820lbs
  • Maximum gross weight: 1,320lbs
  • Useful load: 500lbs
  • Fuel capacity: 39.6 gal
  • Takeoff Distance Ground Roll: 460ft
  • Rate of Climb @ Sea Level: 700 fpm
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 13,000ft
  • Landing Distance Ground Roll: 262ft
  • Cruise Speed: 120 KTAS @ 9,500ft
  • Max Allowable Speed (VNE): 135 KIAS / 155 MPH
  • Stall Speed (Clean): 46 KIAS / 53 MPH
  • Stall Speed (Full Flaps): 38 KIAS / 44 MPH
  • Range: 850nm @ 75% power with 45 minute reserve
  • Endurance: 10 Hours

The FlyTech Difference

As the name “FlyTech” would suggest, we will be leveraging technology at every angle to support our students and to enable each students journey to be as efficient as possible. 

In order to accomplish this goal, we have selected a very specific set of software and tools that will work in concert to provide students with precise data to help improve the flight training experience, resulting in a significant improvement in retention and money savings for the student.

FlyTech has selected specific software and technology companies to meet this mission. In some cases, the companies have partnered with us to provide discounts.

None of these tools by themselves are revolutionary in flight training, as mentioned before, the larger schools are using many of these tools. What is unique is how we will be integrating all of this into one seamless training experience for students.


FlyTech is a Foreflight school. Safety meets convenience with a sophisticated runway and obstacle analysis along with flight records and access to FlyTechs airplane handbook, pre-flight documents, and digital SOP’s for the flight school on the student and CFI’s iPads.  As a Foreflight school, we will be able to see all student logs, records, and usage data to monitor how students are progressing.  This data is also valuable for business forecasting. Foreflight will be included in the students’ tuition.


Students, CFI’s and Training Administrators get post-flight analytics on a students flight lesson with visual review, and notifications when students fly procedures in or outside specified ranges. This will be critical in helping students see areas that need improvement. This will also allow us to monitor unsafe maneuvers and speeds to help students avoid things like base turn stalls and landing porpoising.

Garmin Avionics with Air Sync

We will be able to get engine and performance data, replay flights, get exceedance alerts, and push data to CloudAhoy & Foreflight wirelessly. Automatically add entries to aircraft logs, track trends before they become issues, and stay on top of our critical maintenance logs and schedule. This is critical in a proactive maintenance program.

Garmin in and out of Cockpit video

The VIRB Ultra 30 aviation in-cockpit bundle includes a stereo headset audio cable, so pilot-to-pilot communications, and air traffic control transmissions may be embedded within the video. A prop filter is also provided to eliminate propeller distortion created while filming video in-flight or capturing high-quality still photos. The VIRB Ultra 30 aviation in-cockpit bundle also includes a cage mount, which is the smallest and lightest way to mount the VIRB Ultra inside the cockpit.