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High School Programs

Pilots Needed!

It has never been a better time to become an airline pilot. There is a severe worldwide pilot shortage and airlines have increased pay and benefits dramatically.

Airline Pilots earn over $200,000 per year within about 3 years & $450,000 per year within about 10 years. Top Captain pay is $590,000 per year!

Pathways for High School Students

College is no longer required to become an airline pilot, so High School Students can start preparing for one of the most lucrative and adventurous careers out there – Airline Pilot.

High School Pathway 1: Join the Club while you’re still in school!

Start flying as a Student at FlyTech Pilot Academy. Fly once a week, twice a week or whenever you would like. Start with your Private Pilot Certificate and pay as you go. Fly on weekends or during your summer break… get it done at your pace while you’re still in school. Must be 16 years old to solo – 17 to get your Private Pilot Certificate. Our dedicated instructors and ample resources ensure personalized learning for consistent progress. 

High School Pathway 2: Join the Academy when you’ve completed high school

Sign up for our compressed 9-month (or 6-month if you’ve already completed Private Pilot) Accelerated Airline Pilot Program and become a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor in less than a year! Then, work for us as a Flight Instructor for about 1 ½ years until you have the hours required to get your first job as a Commercial Pilot flying turboprop or jet aircraft. When you are 23, get a job at an airline flying large passenger jets!